Have you ever thought of spending a fun and adventurous afternoon in the Monza Park with outdoor education experiences with your classmates, or with your group of friends?
Here are our educational-recreational activities and outdoor play workshops that take place between the porch and the lawns of Cascina Costa Alta.


  • Experiences for up to 14 participating children. If all the participating children belong to the same class group, a maximum of 20 can be reached.
  • The group will be followed by one of our professional META educators. Parents will not be present during the activities, as they are organized occasions to offer children the exercise of the right to socialize and play, in safe conditions. Our goal is to entertain children, while maintaining the educational quality and safety of all META services.
  • For children of Infancy and Primary.
  • Price of the activity: € 190
  • Hours: Mon-Fri from 16.30 to 18.30; Sat-Sun 15.30-17.30 (possibly movable keeping the same duration).
  • The activities can take place when the Lombardy region is located in the yellow zone (or in the orange zone only for the inhabitants of Monza).



Cascina Costa Alta
Inside the Monza Park (pedestrian entrance from via Costa Alta, Biassono MB).
In case of bad weather, the tensile structure is present in the summer and the multipurpose room is available in the winter.
Parking is not allowed inside the park.

How recreational-educational activities for small groups are carried out.

  • 2h total of activity
    Triage at the entrance, located outside, with temperature control for each participant (it is mandatory for participants over 6 years to be equipped with their own mask).
  • Reception games.
  • Activities, based on the chosen theme: first part of "movement" preferably outdoors with tests and research of natural material + second part of creative laboratory to create themed land-art objects with the found materials and with the imagination.
  • Final games and greetings.

The themes of recreational-educational activities for small groups

  • Footprints in the Park: a treasure hunt in search of traces left by forest animals and natural and reused materials, to be used in the subsequent laboratory for the construction of animal-themed land art objects. Recommended for 4-7 years.
  • Elves, fairies and goblins: the little people of the wood have lost some magical items. With the help of the squirrel Nocciolino and his bunny friends we will face an adventurous search to find the lost magical material with which to create enchanted objects. Recommended for 4-7 years.
  • Riciclattoli: we build toys with recycled materials to imagine being in the Land of Toys! Recommended for 4-7 years.
  • Clean Wizard:The stinky wizard with a spell has dirtied the park. Fortunately, there is the Clean Wizard who will be able to clean up the mess only with our help. Magic and ecology are the ingredients to play and have fun together, learning to know and respect the Park with all its inhabitants ... Recommended for 4-7 years.
  • Pirates on a trip to the Park: research and movement activities to try to be real pirates and pirates in the Park. Argh! Recommended for 4-11 years old.
  • The vegetable garden in a box: with natural and recycled materials we build our small vegetable garden ... it will be fun to turn into small farmers! Recommended for 5-11 years old.
  • The magic potion: we discover the clues to recover all the ingredients scattered in the park and then we help the witch Tapina to create her favorite magic potion. Recommended for 7-11 years old.

Terms of payment

  • Deposit of € 50.00 to be paid before the activity at the time of booking, which must be made by contacting the service manager via email (registrizioni@metacoop.org), who will give you the necessary information to fill in the booking forms and to pay by bank transfer or directly at the Cascina Costa Alta facility, by appointment.
  • Balance to be paid on the day of the activity, or by bank transfer.
    In the event of your last cancellation of the activity, the deposit will be withheld.

It is possible to view the spaces of the activity, by making an appointment to be agreed by email or telephone.

For information and reservations

Registrations Secretariat

Telephone 335 5309441

Opening hours Mon, Tue and Thu 15.00-18.00, Wed and Fri 11.00-14.00

Mail feste@metacoop.org

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