Environmental Sustainability Workshops

In the training field, the natural environmentcan take on a double value.The educational activities that we carry out there represent an important tool for didactic intervention and also constitute a privileged and facilitating scenario for promoting the socialization of the class through a group experience.

For 30 years we have been designing and carrying out environmental sustainability activities united by:
• promotion of the well-being of the person;
• knowledge of the self;
• positive leadership;
• autonomy;
• spirit of collaboration and acceptance of the other;
• stimulation of curiosity, active observation and learning;
• awareness of the ecosystem relations that involve us;
• discovery, by teachers, of those potentialities and limits of the pupils that the class setting does not bring out.

All activities combine the narrative aspect (expression and processing of emotions) and thescientificaspect (observation and classification) within a transversal educational methodology.

We propose environmental sustainability paths that aim tointegrate the person with their own territory or community using the"pedagogy of adventure", understood as the possibility of directly experiencing significant experiences and feeling like protagonists. The planning and implementation of the activities is entrusted to educators who combine scientific training with attention topedagogical and educational aspects.

Find out more at the link https://www.metacoop.org/progetto-educativo-scuola-ambiente-monza-brianza-lombardia/

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