Where you can eat in Biassono near Cascina Costa Alta

Do you fancy pizza, burgers or do you prefer to cook yourself? When the hunger calls, you must not hold back. And here in Biassono we know it well. Read on if you want to discover the closest bar and restaurants. Click on the names in red to view the places on Google Maps.

Those staying in the Costa Alta hostel can use the common kitchen. If you love to cook or want to eat something simple on the fly, you can go to Eurospin or Carrefour, which are easy to reach.

Among the recommended there is certainly the Costa Alta Café, a bar and restaurant, surrounded by the park and very convenient for those staying in Cascina Costa Alta.

Very close to the hostel is the Spanish restaurant El cordobes, where you can try paella. A few steps from there you can find McDonald’s, if you want to play it safe.

If you don’t want to give up your pizza evening, because pizza is always a must, you can go to La Pizza…ria di Carollo Pietro, which uses fresh Italian ingredients of excellent quality. It is the closest pizzeria to you, but it is only one of the many you will find in Biassono.

If you are looking for a youthful and informal place, you cannot miss B72 pub and bar. A helpful staff awaits you, ready to let you try a wide range of foods: fresh croissants, fish, monkfish, sandwiches, happy hours.

And finally, ice cream shop cannot be forgotten. In the summer, who doesn’t love to have a good refreshing ice cream or a yoghurt? If you are part of the greedy team, you can go to the Dal Gelatèe, to the Isola Del Gelato or to the Gelateria/Yougurteria YLE.

Now that you have all the information, don’t keep your stomach waiting. These are our favorite places. Have you found others? Let us know.

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