Will you have the courage to venture into the most evocative and hidden places of the Monza Park?

Are you sure you are ready? At first you will be divided into two groups, then in ninety minutes you will have to work together to solve the legends and the numerous mysteries hidden in the Park since time immemorial.

Escape Parks are fun and mysterious outdoor experiences able to test the ingenuity and skills of children and adults with games, puzzles, collaboration skills and orientation, starting from the location of Cascina Costa Altain the Monza Park.

During the experiences, the health regulations currently in force will be respected.
Triage is foreseen at the time of reception. Participants and educational staff must be equipped with a mask, which is their property.

Escape from the Bosco Bello

They have haunted the forest for centuries. Do you want to find out who I am?

Age: 16+ years
Typology: frightening

At night in the Bosco Bello you can hear strange murmurs, sibylline breaths and mysterious crackles. Plants of death and love await the brave who are not afraid of the noises of the woods ... This is where the restless spirits of the two noble lovers who knew an unfortunate love and lost their lives in the years of the famous plague told by Manzoni roam. Now it's up to you to retrace the path really trodden centuries ago by the unfortunate lovers, to give them peaceby revealing their arcane secret!

Price: € 25 per participant
Number of participants: min 8, max 12

The mystery of the nameless knight

Will you be able to appease his unstoppable wrath?

Age: 11-14 years
Type: adventurous

We are in 1323, our lands are bloodied bythe struggle between Guelphs and Ghibellines. During the bloody battle of Monza on 10 April, many fighters lose their lives ... From that day on, a knight wanders armed in the Monza Park at sunset. He can be heard moaning and complaining and seeking revenge against the adventurers who dare to cross the gates of the Park. He will test you by collecting clues and solving puzzles along the paths around Cascina Costa Alta. His spirit will have no peace until you can unravelthe mystery of him.

Price: 240 € for the whole activity
Number of participants: min 10, max 16

For information and reservations

Registrations Secretariat

Telephone 335 5309441

Opening hours Mon, Tue and Thu 15.00-18.00, Wed and Fri 11.00-14.00

Mail feste@metacoop.org

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