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Orient Day

☯️ East Day, Festival of Mind, Body and Spirit
☯️ September 24-25
Monza Park entrance via Costa Alta Biassono
☯️ To accompany you in the process of discovering the Orient, you will find performances, lectures and workshops, a bazaar, the holistic section, and a dedicated taste area, Oriental Street Food, where you can enjoy traditional dishes and innovative reinterpretations.
You can immerse yourself in Eastern culture and arts, you can learn about new disciplines that have their origins in the millennia-old Eastern tradition to foster healthy integrated development of mind, body and spirit.
Oriente Day, the Festival of the Orient and Wellness, builds bridges between people and crosses Eastern traditions, customs and methods with the Western way of life to give you a taste of new ways of being and living.
Oriente Day is the Festival of Mind, Body and Spirit.
You will also have the opportunity to stay on location at night, in one of the most beautiful parks in Europe, in the Cascina Costa Alta Hostel, to experience two days immersed in the magic and scents of the Orient.
Monza Park Cascina Costa Alta – Biassono
Entrance from Via Costa Alta Biassono or also from Via Parco Biassono (at the bottom right on the rise)
EMAIL: info@orienteday.com
WEB: www.orienteday.com
INSTAGRAM: orienteday
FACEBOOK: oriente day
TELEGRAM: @orienteday
TEL: 3895115705

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(+39) 335 53 09441

Mon, Tue Thu 3-6 p.m.
Wed and Fri 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.


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