Who we are

Those staying at our facilities have the opportunity to discover welcoming and inclusive places. Our hospitality, made of simplicity and beauty, aims to make guests feel at home, the starting point for authentic experiences of relationship and encounter.

We are professionals with whom we can build together tools to face tomorrow and fragilities, live dialogue and listening to inhabit conflicts, gain awareness and autonomy to live as a protagonist every opportunity.

Every day we take care of this place to make it more and more welcoming. Always dedicated to inclusion, Cascina Costa Alta is a laboratory for sustainable development and social cohesion where everyone can learn to share spaces, resources, time and ideas.

Travelers, families, educators, children, teens-everyone has their own adventure! And it is precisely the encounter with this deeply human and living diversity that creates relationships, moments of encounter and authentic tourism.

Encountering differences can generate new opportunities to build welcoming, cohesive and inclusive communities where experiences improve the well-being of the people who live there.

Cooperativa Sociale META was born in Monza on February 11, 1991. It was founded by twelve partners united by passion for educating:they were teachers and pedagogists who decided to turn their dreams into a social enterprise. Monza Park was, and still is, a green world "other" than the urbanized reality that surrounds it. META's founders had the intuition that this diversity, this discontinuity from the everyday, yet so accessible and so close at hand, could become a powerful educational tool, and so the first "School in Nature" educational days and residential weeks for minors were born. These experiences of adventure and discovery of ourselves and our surroundings continue to this day with the Verdestate Summer Center operating at Cascina Costa Alta.

After Thirty years after its founding, META's activities have evolved and live on in diversified services that maintain the focus on the accessibility and inclusion: youth centers, school care, summer centers, preventive street education, children's services, tourist and social reception, housing, reception of asylum seekers and international protection, parenting support and family leisure events.

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Verdestate Summer Camp

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